Tom Touber

"It's my passion to reach challenging objectives. Sometimes people say objectives are unachievable. But by streamlining organizational processes, adopting modern organizational structure and investing heavily in the way people work, the impossible often becomes possible. I love it when a plan comes together.

Tom Touber, MSc. is an associate partner at Holland Consulting Group and works as a management consultant and performance coach.
He works together with his clients intensively to implement strategy and/or to facilitate change processes.
Projects may start from a growth perspective like a merger, acquisition or a start up, both nationally and internationally. Alternatively projects can also originate from malfunctioning departments, business units or entire organizations. Tom is an experienced crisis manager and is more than happy to assist, in good as well as bad times.

Next to a solid scientific approach Tom brings a wealth of top-sport experience into the equation. The parallel between sports and business frequently leads to creative solutions and brings a high level of energy to the process.

Contact information:

Mobile: +31 6 51304015
Secretary: (Eef Span) + 31 20-5733410
Twitter: TTouber
Skype: TomTouber

As management consultant and performance coach Tom Touber helps organizations implement strategy and achieve their objectives. Tom offers a lot of positive energy and he likes to work together intensively with his clients.

In addition to his management consultancy practice he is frequently asked to MC conferences and to speak about performance management topics all around the world. He also likes to train teams in areas like: personal effectiveness, modern leadership and effective execution.

As he is fascinated by the question what makes Top Sport teams successful and what lessons businesses and organizations can learn from this, he frequently publishes "inspirational snack" articles about interesting examples.

  • Main areas of expertise:
  • Organization and Team Development
  • Turnaround/crisis management
  • Strategy implementation
  • Process optimization

Clients typically contact Tom Touber about subjects like:

  • We want to improve the flexibility or our organization and become more agile. Our market changes quickly and we need to be able to adapt much faster.
  • Can you help implement our great new corporate strategy and make sure everyone in the organization is fully behind the new vision?
  • International growth is our objective for the next few years. Can you help us evaluate our options abroad and implement the international growth strategy?
  • Currently our organization is under a lot of pressure. Results are dropping and the energy level in the organization is heading for a record low. Can you help break the downward spiral?
  • We just acquired a new company and integration into our organization is quite a challenge. As this is not part of our daily routine we need support to plan and execute this integration.
  • New technologies offer great possibilities to improve our organization. Can you help us adopt them and adapt our way of working accordingly to maximize the benefits?
  • Our management team is working OK, but we feel that we haven't reached our full potential. Can you train our team, build trust between the individuals, as well as coach our leaders to modern leadership practices?